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Experience Interactive Learning Matrix-Style

Experience Interactive Learning Matrix-Style

Interested in pursuing a career as an automotive technician?

Take our Aptitude Test: Estimated time to complete: 14 minutes

hammer images

1. Sledge Hammer
2. Plastic Faced Hammer
3. Rubber Hammer
4. Drilling Hammer
5. Cross-peen Hammer
6. Copper Faced Hammer
7. Ball-peen Hammer

Question 1 / 10Tools

plier images

Question 2 / 10Tools

Engine Mechanical Systems
piston animation

Question 3 / 10Engine Mechanical Systems

Engine Mechanical Systems
engine belt animation

Question 4 / 10Engine Mechanical Systems

Steering and Suspension
suspension animation

Question 5 / 10Steering and Suspension

Braking Technology
brake animation

1. Caliper
2. Rotor
3. Pad

Question 6 / 10Braking Technology

Braking Technology
brake system animation

Question 7 / 10Braking Technology

Vehicle Safety Systems
vehicle crash animation

Question 8 / 10Vehicle Safety Systems

Transmission Systems
gears animation

Question 9 / 10Transmission Systems

Electrical Systems
multimeter diagram

Question 10 / 10Electrical Systems

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