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Dustin Peugeot

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Last post: November 14, 2018

Choose the Right Path: A Career as an Automotive Technician By Dustin Peugeot on  November 14, 2018

College isn’t for everybody—and that’s OK. Rather than be a “college wanderer,” throwing away thousands of dollars trying to figure out the right path for you, consider a career as an automotive technician instead.


Is college right for you?

The College Board reports that the average cost of a four-year college degree ranges from nearly $10,000 per year for in-state students and $25,000 per year for out-of-state students. That hefty price tag can leave students with anywhere from $40,000 - $100,000 in debt, coupled with years of little-to-no earning with zero guarantee of a job in your field or one that pays any more than a job you’d land without the time, expense and debt associated

Sure, two-year degrees can save some money and time, but they still require a significant investment for both and include the same traditional class lecture, textbook, homework, quiz, test and repeat model that just doesn’t work for everyone, especially for hands-on learners.


The college alternative – Automotive Technician Training

The solution isn’t to change your major or find a minimum wage job. Instead, learn a skill, make money and launch your career. Focused career education training on specific, in-demand trades, provided by institutions like the Matrix Trade Institute's (MTI) Automotive Technician Efficiency program provide the necessary tools, efficiency training and soft skills required for success and maximum entry-level earnings in just 20 weeks. Not to mention, employers desperate for skilled labor are willing to help with tuition in exchange for a commitment to grow within the organization and advance rapidly.


Do the math

For those considering a career path as an auto tech, the economic reward outweighs the risk.

The traditional college degree can leave you with thousands in debt and four years wasted. Oh, and did we mention there’s no guarantee of a job?

That’s where MTI’s 20-week automotive technician efficiency program can provide the better solution for your education. MTI offers a low tuition cost of just $15,500 (which, by the way, includes professional-grade tools valued at $3,000). Additionally, you can work during your training, potentially for the employer who will hire you after you’ve completed the program and may even provide tuition reimbursement.

In four years’ time, our estimations show that you can earn nearly $140,000 and possess a lifelong skill. With four years’ experience under your belt, auto techs with MTI’s training can expect to earn about $25 per hour by then, which equates to $50,000 annually, plus efficiency bonuses for top performers.


Make the right choice

So…$80,000 in debt and a hope? Or $120,000 for job security, career momentum and a healthy raise in a growing industry? Contact Matrix Trade Institute today to start exploring your options.


Advance Your Career as an Auto Tech By Dustin Peugeot on  November 7, 2018

Well-trained auto technicians can earn over six figures. How? Work ethic, efficiency, professional soft skills and attitude are the ingredients for making the big bucks. From there, you can move into a management position and teach those skills and get paid extremely well to improve the productivity and earnings of others for the benefit of the entire business.


Efficiency training

Time equals money. Working smarter, setting goals, measuring productivity and finding ways to use downtime productively are all learnable and, more importantly, teachable skills. Training programs like Matrix Trade Institute’s 20-week auto technician efficiency features M-T.I.M.E., a proprietary hands-on efficiency training application for the skills we teach. It’s our special sauce.


Professional soft skills

Communication is everything. Technicians who learn to communicate effectively always earn more. Clear communication makes is it easier for advisers and parts personnel to do their job selling work to customers. A customer always responds well to a tech who can clearly convey why a repair or preventative maintenance is needed. Perhaps most important when it comes to advancing is the ability the convey your needs, the shop’s needs and ways to improve shop efficiency to benefit everyone involved. Managers become managers through solid communication.


Shop culture

The attitude in the locker room is as important as the talent. Technicians who contribute to positive shop culture are viewed as leaders by their peers and their supervisors and are identified as potential shop foreman and managers long before they even realize it.


Career opportunities

You’ll start to recognize examples of this every day when you start looking around for it. Service advisers, service managers, parts managers, sales representatives for tool and equipment companies, manufacturer representatives, general managers and business owners in and around the automotive industry quite often got their start as an auto tech.


Get your start

Matrix Trade Institute’s Automotive Technician Efficiency Program was designed by experts who made the progressions from the bottom to the top. Our focus on efficiency, soft skills, attitude and culture is what makes our curriculum and institution different than the rest. Learn more about Matrix Trade Institute today to start planning a future of financial security and freedom.


Automotive Technicians Are an In-Demand Job By Dustin Peugeot on  October 31, 2018

It’s basic supply and demand. As more vehicles get on the road and the skills gap widens, there’s a growing demand for automotive technicians. To get the supply they need, employers are seeking new ways to find and attract technicians. Learn how a job as an auto technician could benefit you.


More vehicles plus fewer techs equals more jobs

The need for auto technicians is huge and rising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of auto technician jobs needed is projected to grow by 6 percent through 2026, which translates into the creation of nearly 46,000 jobs.

Chalk it up to more vehicles and more retirees. With about 268.8 million vehicles on the road in the U.S. (a number that is projected to reach the 2 billion mark by 2040), auto maintenance and repair is needed more than ever before. Not to mention, the average age of a technician in the U.S. is 50 years old, meaning more than 50 percent of auto techs will retire in the next 10-15 years. That translates into more jobs available for you.


Employers are seeking new ways to find auto technicians

As the skills gap widens, repair shops and auto dealers are seeking new ways to find technicians. Employers are willing to pay more for well-trained technicians than ever before, but training is critical. Employers are looking for new and innovative ways to attract new hires and promote employee retention. Many manufacturers, national and local repair shops and auto dealers are working with educational institutions like Matrix Trade Institute and offering tuition reimbursement, training and other incentives to attract technicians.


Auto technician jobs offer long-term career benefits

Job security and opportunity for advancement are better than ever as the shortage of well-trained, entry-level auto techs fails to replace the number of retiring technicians. Additionally, technicians with professional soft skills, such as strong communication, can advance to management level positions and trade the wrench for the pen.


Go from learning to earning

You want a job, but you don’t want a lengthy education process and expensive tuition to slow you down. Put your career on the fast track with Matrix Trade Institute’s 20-week accelerated program. MTI offers local, affordable and efficient education for auto techs and arms its students with the tools and skills that employers look for in the hiring process.

Ready to start your education? Learn more about Matrix Trade Institute today.