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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review

Basic Electrical 1.0 Bootcamp

Hands-on upskill and efficiency training to grow, retain, and recruit technicians.


Matrix Trade Institute provides 30 hours of HANDS-ON upskill and efficiency training over two weeks. Your employees work for you and then train for three hours per day to keep production moving and allow them to apply what they’re learning immediately.

Course highlights:

  • Theory of Ohm’s Law, basic conversions
  • Series and parallel circuits: Description and operation
  • Breadboard work building circuits and fault testing
  • Multimeters and test light utilization
  • Batteries: testing, parasitic draw, replacement
  • Starting/charging: voltage drop testing, basic diagnosis
  • Wiring schematics: symbols, proper dissection, component location
  • Proper diagnosis procedure and sequencing using bugged vehicles

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