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Free Career Assessment Tool

Discover the career that fits your style and personality the best.

This quick and easy tool will help you identify your goals, strengths and help you determine your potential career path so you can make an informed decision about your future. In just a few minutes, you'll know which career is right for you.


Program Selection

Let's start by exploring your area of interest and what appeals to you about that field:

Your Current Situation

To know where you want to end up, you first need to take a look at where you are right now. In this section we will look at your current situation, how things are going, how they could be different and how you feel about it. The answers you give below will tell you a lot about your motivations and how much you want to change your life:

Very Unhappy
Very Happy

Your Goals For The Future

Goals are an important motivator to keep you on track. Take a look at the list of goals below as a way to visualize what your future could look like:

Your Social Style

Your individual social style can help identify types of careers that may bring out your strengths:

goes along
takes charge

School Match

The educational path for every student is different. Answer the following true or false questions to identify if you are a match for a technical trade education:


Going to school and pursuing a new career does take some planning. On this page we’ll explore some of the details involved in the day-to-day experience. Answer the following questions to determine the logistical elements you have in place to support you going to school:

Your Support System

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Different people need different amounts of support to succeed, especially with a major lifestyle change such as going to school. There are three main types of support:

  • Moral Support to help me make good decisions and keep me focused on my goal
  • Financial Support to help me pay for school and help cover living expenses
  • Lifestyle Support to help me with things like childcare, transportation, etc.

Identify some of your key supporters:



The average debt from a technical school graduate is roughly 70% less than a four-year graduate.1
You can earn just as much money and have equal career growth opportunities without a college degree.2
Use the free quiz above to learn what path could be right for you.

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