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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review

Tuition Details

Tuition is an INVESTMENT in your FUTURE

(Of course...most of our students' tuition is paid by employers, and that's OK too)

We'll show you how

Tuition Details

MTI's 20-week Automotive Technician Efficiency Training program provides the best RETURN on INVESTMENT available to aspiring mechanics. Period. 

It's the most cost and time efficient way to launch your career, and there is NO FINE PRINT.

In addition, MTI'S Tuition INCLUDES TOOLS. Student's receive and go through the program learning with their own customized professional-grade Matco tool set and Bluepoint rolling, lockable tool cart, a set valued at over $3000. It's the set you'll LEARN with and it’s the set you'll EARN with.


Registration Fee $125
Learning Materials $175
Uniforms $200
Tuition-Including Tools $15,000
Total Cost of Program $15,500

Student Loans & Tuition Reimbursement

Student Loans are available to students who qualify for our program. In addition, many of our Employer Partners offer up to Full Tuition Reimbursement for graduates they hire.

Contact us for more details.

Return on Your Investment

Earn Your Tuition Back in 6 Months

Our 5 months of accelerated hands on training is designed to prepare you for immediate employment. Choosing MTI offers many benefits over other auto technology programs including:

  • Start earning maximum entry level wage after only 20 weeks.
  • Opportunity to work part-time during the program.
  • Over 80% of MTI students get job offers within the first 3 weeks of starting the program through our network of Employer Partners.
  • Professional grade tools are included within tuition. Learn the skills, learn your tools, and you will take them with you to your first job upon graduation.
  • Game-style learning simulation replaces outdated textbook instruction.
  • Time Efficiency Training teaches you to maximize your income and accelerate your earnings and advancement.
  • We take the wasted time and expense out of traditional education. While others are still in school, MTI grads will be earning, gaining experience, and launching their careers.


Potential Earnings

Don't lose earnings by wasting time and expense on 2-4 year programs. While others trudge through these programs, MTI students will have already earned up to $70,000, with two years experience working with loyal employers, advancing their careers and securing their futures.

* Wage estimates based on industry standards for properly trained efficient entry-level technicians. Some wages will be higher, some lower. MTI cannot guarantee employment or wage.

20 weeks paid internship during MTI program $7,500
32 weeks after graduation $22,500
Total first year earnings from program start date $30,000
Year 2 earnings $40,000
Total 2 year earnings from program start date $70,000