Lack of confidence due to a lack of hands on training and experience is what keeps many mechanics stuck producing less labor hours per pay period that they clock and find themselves considering a career change. Service Managers simply don’t have the time or the resources to provide focused, hands-on training and supervised repetition that yields the efficiency that young mechanics need in order to earn, advance and grow. 

The most progressive employers are turning to Matrix Trade Institute to help train and retain their mechanics. MTI’s Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps have grown over a hundred young and/or stagnant mechanics into confident and efficient producers with a renewed outlook on their careers.

For instance, Nico Grolimund of Porsche Beachwood attended the Steering & Suspension Upskill Efficiency Bootcamp and his production is now up 400%. He says, “Matrix gave me the confidence to know that I was the doing the right things the right way because they make you understand the theory, how to do it properly, and then they watch you practice and help you get better.”

It's not just the mechanics that are excited about their improved skills and new-found confidence. Service Managers and Directors are realizing how important it is to revitalize and retain their workforce. Take Ryan Frank for example. He was 21-year old lube mechanic at Honda of Mentor, who’s service director was unsure if he was going to make it on this career path.

After completing all four Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps, Ryan nearly tripled his productivity.

“The Matrix training turned Ryan around,” His service director, Gary Dalton said. “His attitude, his work ethic, his confidence—it was almost an immediate change. We’d have lost him otherwise, and I really don’t know what Ryan would be doing. Now, I’m throwing him everything from alignments to electrical problems to brake work, and he’s killing it. He’s looking to increase hours and find efficiencies and is so engaged that he wants to work extra when it’s there. He’s going to be a real leader for us going forward.”


Matrix Trade Institute offers the training solutions you need to increase mechanic productivity and efficiency. 

We offer two-week, 30-hour UpSkill Efficiency Training for steering and suspension, brake repair, basic electric, general service efficiency and HVAC to help dealerships and repair shops grow the their mechanics by teaching them the skills to be more productive and efficient. Over the course of two weeks, your employees will split their time at your shop and our training center daily to apply what they're learning and help you keep production going.

Contact us today to learn more about our UpSkill Efficiency Training and see how we can ignite retention by increasing efficiency and help you build your workforce the right way for the long haul.