“This is the third time I’ve been here, and I love coming back every time!”

Klaben Quick Lane of Kent’s Kyle Mullikin recently attended MTI’s HVAC Efficiency Bootcamp for his third MTI Efficiency Bootcamp and was ecstatic with his continued growth and confidence in technical skills and knowledge.

Impactful Results

Hands-On Training:

When asked about how the HVAC Efficiency Bootcamp would help improve his skills, Mullikin didn't shy away from expressing his enjoyment over the four days at Matrix. 

"I can actually read the gauges now and help me have a better understanding of where my leak is probably at, or what could possibly be wrong whether it be a compressor or the condenser," he said. 

Technical Knowledge:

Mullikin also talked about how learning more about the theory portion of HVAC would improve his technical skills.

"I didn't know there were a lot of different types of radiators/condensers and how they've changed over the past 20 years, how they've become more efficient, how they actually function versus just being told what each one is without the background," he noted.

Instructor Experience:

Working with a highly qualified, well-experienced instructional staff, Mullikin felt it was the greatest opportunity to continue to grow as a technician.

"The instructors are amazing. They are just full of knowledge with a bunch of real-life experience on all sorts of vehicles. It’s great to have that background teaching me,” he explained.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Mullikin cannot wait to get back to his shop and used all the new skills he learned at the Bootcamp.

"I've learned a lot from this course and it's definitely going to help me a lot down the road making my job easier to diagnose heating and cooling systems from different types of coolants to different types of radiators to the AC problems and machines with how they work and function," he elaborated. 





About the Matrix Trade Institute:

The Matrix Trade Institute, based in Beachwood, Ohio, is a Nationally ASE Accredited Training Program, an OSBCC-approved career college, a SkillsUSA Ohio-approved center, and a specialized school for Automotive Mechanics and Collision Repair Technicians. MTI’s accelerated 20-week, 80% hands-on approach and efficiency training model is designed to create productive entry-level mechanics and technicians who have the skills that employer demand. MTI’s blend of modern technology, hands-on training, and operation repetitions ensure confidence and efficiencies that are critical to success and growth with employers.

MTI also serves industry employers with its innovative Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps that provide existing mechanics, technicians, and service advisors with next-level training to build and improve production-based skills and efficiency techniques to become more productive and grow. MTI’s Efficiency Bootcamps are paid for by employers who want to provide a faster, more complete career path. This effective training and retention model gives employers that want to revitalize current techs, retain their services, and help them grow into highly productive mechanics, collision technicians, and service advisors for the mutual benefit of the employee and the organization that benefits from their loyalty and increased production.