Well-trained auto mechanics can earn over six figures. How? Work ethic, efficiency, professional soft skills and attitude are the ingredients for making the big bucks. From there, you can move into a management position and teach those skills and get paid extremely well to improve the productivity and earnings of others for the benefit of the entire business.


Efficiency training

Time equals money. Working smarter, setting goals, measuring productivity and finding ways to use downtime productively are all learnable and, more importantly, teachable skills. Training programs like Matrix Trade Institute’s 20-week auto mechanic efficiency features M-T.I.M.E., a proprietary hands-on efficiency training application for the skills we teach. It’s our special sauce.


Professional soft skills

Communication is everything. Mechanics who learn to communicate effectively always earn more. Clear communication makes is it easier for advisers and parts personnel to do their job selling work to customers. A customer always responds well to a mechanic who can clearly convey why a repair or preventative maintenance is needed. Perhaps most important when it comes to advancing is the ability the convey your needs, the shop’s needs and ways to improve shop efficiency to benefit everyone involved. Managers become managers through solid communication.


Shop culture

The attitude in the locker room is as important as the talent. Mechanics who contribute to positive shop culture are viewed as leaders by their peers and their supervisors and are identified as potential shop foreman and managers long before they even realize it.


Career opportunities

You’ll start to recognize examples of this every day when you start looking around for it. Service advisers, service managers, parts managers, sales representatives for tool and equipment companies, manufacturer representatives, general managers and business owners in and around the automotive industry quite often got their start as an auto mechanic.


Get your start

Matrix Trade Institute’s Automotive Mechanic Efficiency Program was designed by experts who made the progressions from the bottom to the top. Our focus on efficiency, soft skills, attitude and culture is what makes our curriculum and institution different than the rest. Learn more about Matrix Trade Institute today to start planning a future of financial security and freedom.