The time has never been better for an aspiring auto mechanic to dive head-first into the auto industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of auto mechanics will increase by 17% through 2020. This translates to an additional 124,800 jobs becoming available this year. Thanks to companies like Uber and Amazon, there have never been more cars on the road than there are today. Half of all mechanics are set to retire soon and the need for skilled, efficient auto mechanics has never been greater. If you've been considering becoming an auto mechanic, now is the time. 

Here are the most important things to keep in mind if you want to take the leap into the industry in 2020: 


Hands-on efficiency training will sky-rocket your career. 

Half of entry-level mechanics hired from traditional postsecondary automotive programs defect from the industry within two years. The reason for this is that they do not receive the proper hands-on efficiency training required to make them confident and therefore productive. Therefore they end up stuck, making mistakes and see no way to advance. 


Training SHOULD be cost and time efficient. 

A hands-on efficiency training program like those of Matrix take students from learning to earning in 20 weeks. With the need for auto mechanics so high, employers are now more willing than ever to offer tuition reimbursement for training programs that they trust. Employers partner with Matrix and offer paid internships so that students can learn while they are earning and gaining valuable shop experience. 


A New Image.

The way people view auto mechanics has changed through the decades. From the infamous "greaser" to the man with a wrench in his hand, toWomen at Matrix Trade Institute today's computer savvy mechanics, the image portrayed of the mechanic has changed. Today's auto mechanics can get into the career at any age, and with hands-on training on how to be efficient they can make an excellent living. Women, more than ever, are getting into the trade as well. In the last five years, over 20% of mechanics entering the field are women and they are thriving. 


Professional soft skills and communication will take you far.

There's no better opportunity to gain favor with a customer than a warm interaction where you can educate and earn their trust. Being a properly trained mechanic or service advisor can help you feel confident when speaking to a customer. Role-play and perfecting the skills can make all the difference when it comes to career advancement and maximizing earnings. 

You're only as good as the tools you learn with.

Mechanics are among the best hands-on learners. Many hands-on learner's do not thrive in a traditional classroom, textbook and lecture setting. Matrix uses interactive game-style learning to ensure students stay engaged, understand theory and can visualize what the hands-on operation will look like from start to finish. In addition, MTI students receive tools as part of tuition immediately upon starting the program. Learning the trade with their own proper tools, and learning how to use them efficiently is a major advantage of MTI grads when they more their tools to their full-time jobs immediately upon graduation.


Thinking about making 2020 the year you go after the career you REALLY want? Matrix Trade Institute can help you get there! 

Matrix Trade Institute's 20-week automotive mechanic efficiency training program provides a clear path beginning with hands-on education and leading to an in-demand career with unlimited earning potential and job security. Get the right tools on day one, learn to work with them every day by using them properly with real world hands-on instruction and repetition. Learn to produce efficiently and maximize success. Accelerated hands-on programs like the revolutionary approach at Matrix go against the grain of traditional education. MTI prioritizes earning with hands-on learning and paid internships that turn into full-time jobs with great companies who offer up to full tuition reimbursement upon graduation. 

Ready to make 2020 your year? Contact us today to learn more.