A college education isn’t necessarily required to land a high-paying job. Career paths for automotive mechanics can offer easy entry and high pay.

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average yearly salary for an auto mechanic is $39,550—slightly above the national average—there are some ways you can increase your earning potential. How much a well-trained, efficient automotive mechanic can earn starts with proper education and can be improved rapidly with self-evaluation and goal setting and maximized with a dedication to efficiency.

See how much you could be making in one, five and even 10 years down the road with this game plan.


Start with the proper training

Employers are willing to pay more for well-trained auto mechanics than ever before, but training is critical. Properly trained auto mechanics with post-secondary certificates and an understanding of how to perform efficiently can enter the field at about $18 per hour.


Continue to learn every day

As you gain confidence and your efficiency improves, you’ll notice it in your paycheck in the form of hourly increases, or incentive-based compensation. Confidence and efficiency come from always being willing to assist the veteran in your downtime and learning the tricks of the trade in return. Matrix Trade Institute’s 20-week auto mechanic efficiency features M-T.I.M.E., a proprietary hands-on efficiency training application for the skills we teach. It’s our special sauce.

This on-the job-experience leads continued education provided by employers to perform manufacturer-specific diagnostics and quickly leads to wages ranging from $25 to $30 per hour with the potential for huge, flat-rate efficiency bonuses.


Advance your career

Senior and master mechanics demand the industry’s top wages, at about—and in many cases—exceeding $40 per hour. It is important to understand that this figure is based on skills, certification and efficiency. Time on the job is necessary, but dedicated mechanics working for progressive employers can do this in well under 10 years.

In addition, incentive-based and flat-rate based compensation plans allow efficient mechanics to produce nearly twice the hours that they’re on the clock, which means double the money in your pocket.


Go from learning to earning

You want to make money fast, but you don’t want a lengthy education process and expensive tuition to slow you down. Put your career on the fast track with Matrix Trade Institute’s 20-week accelerated program. MTI offers local, affordable and efficient education for auto mechanics and arms its students with the tools and skills that employers look for in the hiring process.

Ready to start your education? Learn more about how Matrix Trade Institute provides the fastest, most efficient way to enter the field and start earning and advancing.