There is always a new path waiting to start.   

This was the case for the most recent July Automotive Maintenance, Light Repair, & Efficiency program valedictorian Christopher Rush.

Pivoting to Something you Like

A career change can be a difficult transition.

From being a college basketball player to a bass guitarist in a band, Rush has done it all. When the tour van would break down, he was the first on the job to fix it.

“I was looking at different mechanic schools and looked into Matrix. I knew it was the perfect automotive school for me.”

Time is Money

Length of the training or schooling has to be done in a timely manner fitting within your current lifestyle when choosing a new career.

A five-month program that is 80% hands-on with tools included and job placement is very attractive to most students looking for a career as a mechanic.

“It is awesome how quick both the automotive and auto body programs are. All the training I needed to be a tech was completed in five months,” explained Rush.

Hands-On is Everything

Hands-on training is essential in any trade school for the best results.

With more repetitions, students will gain the skills and knowledge to have success in the automotive industry.

“Whether it is mechanics or collision techs, it is a blast to be in the shop every single day working with all sorts of different cars,” said Rush.


About the Matrix Trade Institute:

The Matrix Trade Institute, based in Beachwood, Ohio, is and OSBCC approved career college and specialized school for Automotive Mechanics and Collision Repair Technicians. MTI’s accelerated 20-week, 80% hands-on approach and efficiency training model is designed to create productive entry-level mechanics and technicians who have the skills that employer demand. MTI’s blend of modern technology, hands-on training and operation repetitions ensure confidence and efficiencies that are critical to success and growth with employers.

MTI also serves industry employers with its innovative Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps that provide existing mechanics, technicians and service advisors with next level training to build and improve production-based skills and efficiency techniques to become more productive and to grow. MTI’s Efficiency Bootcamps are paid for by employers who want to provide a faster, more complete career path. This effective training and retention model gives employers that want to revitalizing current techs, retain their services and help them grow into highly productive mechanics, collisions technicians and service advisors for the mutual benefit of the employee and the organization that benefits from their loyalty and increased production.