Time equals money. So, how can auto mechanics make more of it? One word: efficiency.

Efficiency is defined as the ability to accomplish something with the least amount of wasted time and effort, yielding maximum competency and performance. How does that apply to the trade? Better yet, how can auto mechanics improve their efficiency to make better use of their time and money? Learn what automotive mechanic efficiency is and how Matrix Trade Institute’s mechanic efficiency formula can help you can become a productive auto mechanic.


What is Automotive Mechanic Efficiency?

Automotive mechanic efficiency is being able to maximize your production within the time you work by working smarter, not harder, to make more money. It’s an important skill for auto mechanics to have in order to find a job and make more money. Not to mention, efficient auto mechanics get promoted faster and often become managers who are paid to maximize the performance and efficiency of others.

Efficiency requires many disciplines, including understanding compensation structure, goal setting, time management, performance tracking, effective use of downtime, continued reevaluation, attitude, communication, teamwork and repetition. Applying these principles will bring success to an auto mechanics's career. Keep in mind that efficiency is nurtured over time, but once mastered, your ability to excel and achieve financial growth and opportunity will skyrocket.


Matrix Trade Institute’s Mechanic Efficiency Formula

While most trade school programs take at least two years to complete, Matrix Trade Institute (MTI) is much more efficient. Our 20-week accelerated program allows students to trampoline into the field by providing the necessary skills, tools, efficiency training and soft skills required for success, maximum entry-level earnings and a path toward career advancement.

As part of your automotive mechanic efficiency training, our program features M-TIME, which stands for Matrix Trade Institute Measures Efficiency. M-TIME is a proprietary, hands-on efficiency training application for the skills we teach. This advanced portion of MTI’s curriculum is immersed in all of our program courses and will introduce the necessary techniques that are essential in maximizing earning potential and sustaining a lucrative and successful career. It’s our special sauce.

Our efficiency training teaches:

  • Time management skills
  • Goal setting
  • How to measure efficiency and methods to improve
  • Labor guides and time standards
  • How to properly fill downtime
  • Positive contribution to shop culture and flow


Learn How to be an Efficient Auto Mechanic

Working smarter, setting goals, measuring productivity and finding ways to use downtime productively are all skills that can be learned. MTI is designed to teach the next generation of auto mechanics to be as efficient as the vehicles they’ll maintain and repair. Contact Matrix Trade Institute today to schedule a tour and learn more.