In his early 30s, Jeff Boss was trying to make a career change from his current job as a landscaper. He got a job as an hourly lube mechanic at Infiniti of Beachwood, but lacked the confidence needed to stay and find success in the industry. With zero experience performing electrical repairs or tire alignments, his Service Director, Cody Mapel, knew Matrix Trade Institute could provide the quick solution needed to turn Jeff into a confident and efficient mechanic.

For the next eight weeks, Jeff split his time between Infiniti and Matrix, completing all four UpSkill Efficiency Bootcamps: Steering and Suspension, Brake Repair, Basic Electrical, and General Service Efficiency.

“I had never done an alignment,” Jeff explained. “It looked like a lot of twisting bolts and walking around adjusting things. Now, I completely understand what I’m doing and why, from the angles to the machine, and how to do it faster. My last three alignments were between 20 and 30 minutes, and I’m ready for more every day.”

Like most of the students at Matrix, Jeff’s favorite part of training was the hands-on experience of being able to use torches.

“Learning to really use torches in the bootcamps changed the way I look at every job—especially on older cars—because I know how to troubleshoot and get through obstacles without needing help.”

After four successful bootcamps, Jeff will be going to a hybrid flat rate pay plan. He is looking forward to tackling it head on, making more money, and maximizing production every minute he’s on the clock.

“Above all else, I’ve learned that knowledge is confidence,” he says. “You can’t go into any job thinking you’re going to screw it up. Now, I go in with confidence, a plan, and an expectation to do it well and in good time. If Matrix did anything for me, it gave me the confidence I needed to stay in the industry and really succeed.”

Pleased with the results of Jeff’s training, Cody says, “Jeff has accelerated far more than I ever thought he could in a short time frame. He went from a landscaper to a hybrid flat rate mechanic in about six months. He’s worked for it and done all we’ve asked, but without Matrix that simply doesn’t happen.”

UpSkill Auto Mechanic Training for Lube and Auto Mechanics

Matrix Trade Institute’s revolutionary UpSkill Efficiency Bootcamps can help you retain and grow your mechanics to be productive, efficient and confident in upselling and performing basic operations. We offer two-week, 30-hour UpSkill Training for steering and suspension, brake repair, basic electric, and general service efficiency to help dealerships and repair shops increase the potential of their mechanics by being more productive and efficient. Over the course of two weeks, your employees will split their time at your shop and our training program to keep production going.

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