Shadee Abed had hit a wall in his career and lacked the confidence to drive it forward. After attending Ohio Technical College’s two-year program, he found a job at Penske Toyota of Bedford, where he’s been stuck in an hourly lube mechanic job for nearly three years.

On basic electrical repairs, for example, Shadee didn’t know where to begin, nor would his manager, Anthony Berzin, ever consider giving him this kind of job. Anthony didn’t have the resources in-house to provide Shadee with the focused training he needed. But he saw the untapped potential Shadee had and knew Matrix Trade Institute could give him the hands-on training and confidence boost he needed.

A week into our Basic Electrical Upskill Effiiciency Bootcamp, Shadee was handed a faulty horn to test his learning. He followed the steps he had learned, was able to read the wiring schematic, verified power to the fuse, and ultimately was able to properly diagnose the fault. That was the confidence he needed, and the payoff to the hard work he’d done at Matrix had begun.

Fast forward to today, and Shadee now enjoys electrical work and is willing to assist other co-workers when needed. His advice, “Follow the proper steps, and you’ll always get there.”

Having completed all four UpSkill Efficiency Bootcamps (Basic Electrical, Steering and Suspension, Brake Repair, and General Service), Shadee is heading to flat rate soon and perhaps a transition into a used car mechanic role. Shadee cites the hands-on training at Matrix as the huge difference maker for him and is very appreciative of his manager and Penske for putting him through all four UpSkill Efficiency Bootamps. He now looks forward to advancing his career with Penske Auto Group and Toyota of Bedford.

UpSkill Auto Mechanic Training for Lube and Auto Mechanics

Shops that don’t actively accelerate young mechanic growth are at the same risk of losing them just like everybody else. The only problem is, how will you find the time or resources to train them?

Matrix Trade Institute’s revolutionary UpSkill Efficiency Bootcamps can help you retain and grow your mechanics to be productive, efficient and confident in upselling and performing basic operations. We offer two-week, 30-hour UpSkill Training for steering and suspension, brake repair, basic electric, and general service efficiency to help dealerships and repair shops increase the potential of their mechanics by being more productive and efficient. Over the course of two weeks, your employees will split their time at your shop and our training program to keep production going.
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