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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review

Matrix Trade Institute is a revolutionary auto mechanic training program.

Automotive technician and efficiency training

The old education model is failing young mechanics. Too often, employers find that entry-level technicians don’t have the proper training or efficiency skills needed to make money and advance their career.

Our revolutionary program is designed by industry experts who know exactly what employers need. With 30 years’ combined experience, our approach to technician training is designed to meet the demand for efficient entry-level mechanics using modern interactive learning technology and hands-on repetitions and efficiency training to help employers retain and grow them into the next generation of loyal, well-compensated, leading automotive technicians.


Embark on a success career in the auto repair field

Matrix Trade Institute is unlike any other auto mechanic training program in the industry. Our efficiency training is designed to teach students how to make more money and advance their careers.

We offer 20 weeks of hands-on training instead of years of school and debt. Oh, and we threw away the textbook. Instead, our students use interactive game-style learning technology that’s better geared for hands-on, visual learners.

We give our students the tools to succeed. Included in tuition, every student receives a full set of auto mechanic tools during week one of the program. Students will learn the trade with these tools and begin earning with them Day One on the job.

We help our students find jobs. Our internship and job placement support allows students to work during training and find gainful employment after. Thus far, 100% of Matrix students have received paid internship offers and have secured full-time positions prior to graduation.

Skill advancment & efficiency training for current technicians

Invest in your technicians to advance their skills and make more money

Matrix Trade Institute offers industry-exclusive upskill efficiency training boot camps for Employers. Companies send their techs to Matrix in order to get them to the next level by improving their skills and learning efficiency techniques to become more productive and grow.

Technicians who complete our two-week training bootcamps will learn and earn faster than doing it in-house. During these two weeks, technicians will split their time at work and our training program, so they can keep producing while advancing their skills.

These bootcamps are paid for by Employers who want to redefine the path to retaining, training and growing highly productive technicians now and for the future of their company.