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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review

Matrix / ˈmātriks (noun)

1. an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure. 2. a specific mold in which something is cast or shaped


We're an exclusive automotive technician training program committed to teaching the next generation of young technicians to be as efficient as the automobiles they'll maintain and repair.

We started Matrix because we know how badly a program like this is needed and our approach is unlike any other. Thirty years of combined experience led to the conclusion that the old education model needed to be disrupted. 

Fewer applicants are entering the automotive industry because the education model is outdated. Fewer schools are teaching the skills that employers require and many of the programs are too long, too expensive and don't prepare students to be effective and efficient on the job from day one. MTI's program is designed to fix all that.

The demand for automotive technicians is at an all time high. Over half of the auto techs in the U.S. will retire in the next 12-15 years and over 120,000 are needed in the industry RIGHT NOW.

Our mission is simple:

To build the foundation for the next generation of highly efficient automotive technicians who control their own professional and financial destinies.

Who are WE?

Dustin M. Peugeot, Co-Founder

Dustin has 24 years experience working with some of the top automotive manufacturers and dealers in the United States in Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Cleveland. Upon graduation with a degree in journalism from the University of Alabama, he rose to the level of Senior Partner with one of world's largest automotive marketing firms. From there, he transitioned to the retail side of the automotive business and escalated from a Director of Marketing position, through Sales Management, General Management and then to C-Level Management in charge of Personnel and Operations for over 500 employees and eight franchises. Dustin’s perspective and experience in recruiting, educating and training employees is ingrained in MTI's mission to produce effective, efficient job-ready graduates, and has been the core of his success at every level. He has a unique understanding of what is necessary to succeed in any industry, and is passionate about identifying and developing talent at all levels. He is recognized as a driven leader specializing in recruiting, team building, organizational development and efficiency with a proven ability to impact business in a positive way. In an industry where new technology and constant change capture the headlines, Dustin’s focus remains fixed on the core philosophy that people make the difference, thus his transition into the education/training field. MTI provides an opportunity to help fill the country's growing trade-skills gap by recruiting and training the next generation of efficient technicians who are so heavily demanded in industry today. He's served on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Ohio Ford Dealers Association, a member of the Greater Cleveland Automotive Dealers Association and is a current Board of Directors Member for the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club. Dustin's experience and network provide a unique advantage for MTI students by giving them their opportunities to work for the industry's very best employers upon graduation. 

Richard A. Blum, Co-Founder

Rick brings 25 years of invaluable experience and success in every single facet of the automotive service operations and repair industry. His resume is THE model for opportunity and advancement achievable for an automotive technician. Having excelled at every interval of his career, and a product of a vocational trade school education himself, Rick has performed at the highest level for the industry’s top brands including Firestone, Buick, GMC, Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford. His efficiency formula has made him a top producer as a technician, Master technician, GM Certified technician, Service Manager and Service Director. Rick’s unique ability to identify efficiencies, passion for improving processes and sharing his knowledge catapulted him into management where he consistently improved the productivity of every entry-level and veteran technician under his supervision. Rick’s winning perspective on recruiting, training and time management are the core fundamentals of MTI’s curriculum and are the formula for achieving maximum earning potential as a technician. His advancement through each level of automotive repair and management offer MTI student’s perspective beyond the traditional scope for those who aspire to it. His trademarked M-TIME efficiency formula is proven to make technicians, both in the automotive field and beyond, more effective, which leads to earning more on an hourly, daily, annual and career basis.