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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review

two week efficiency boot camps

1. Hands-on skill advancement and efficiency training

2. Provide a career path to improve retention and win more recruits

3. Increase capacity, margins, $/RO and customer satisfaction

What's the risk? Not doing it.

two week efficiency boot camps

Skill Advancement Efficiency Boot Camps
Grow your techs. Immediate ROI. The solution you need

Steering and Suspension

  1. Suspension and alignment theor. Principles of  Ackerman geometry
  2. Component replacement: tie rods, struts, shocks
  3. Torch use and troubleshooting: Boken bolts, seized components
  4. Alignment efficiency: Hunter Hawkeye Elite machine mastery, speed & certification
  5. Suspension diagnosis, analysis and upselling strategies
  6. Efficiency training and timed repetitions

Brake Repair

  1. Brake theory principles: friction, pressure and Pascal’s Law
  2. Component replacement: Front a d rear disc brakes, drum brakes, brake line repair, master cylinder, bench bleeding
  3. Brake lathe and resurfacing
  4. Brake system diagnosis, analysis and upselling strategies
  5. Brake fluid exchange
  6. Efficiency training and timed repetitions

General Service/MPI Efficiency

  1. Lubrication systems theory and overview
  2. Multi-point vehicle inspections: Process efficiency and upselling strategies, sequence and timing
  3. Performing efficient oil change 
  4. Tires mounting, balancing repair, inflation, torque sequence, pressure, wear, machine safety
  5. Efficiency training and timed repetitions on multi-point inspection, oil change and tires service
  6. Upselling strategies and live repetition

Basic Electrical

  1. Electrical theory including Ohm’s Law & basic conversions
  2. Breadboard work understanding series and parallel circuits
  3. Test light utilization and multimeters
  4. Batteries testing, parasitic draw, replacement
  5. Starting and charging: Voltage drop testing and basic diagnosis
  6. Wiring schematics: Understanding symbols, proper dissection and component location
  7. Proper diagnosis procedure and sequencing

Added Benefits

Tool Discounts

Enrolled employees are eligible for a 50% education discount on Matco tools during training. Get them started the right way with less tool debt.

Certificates awarded

Upon completion students are awarded MTI Skill Advancement Efficiency Certificates for each training module. ASE G1 Certfication preparation also provided 

Employee Assessment

Pre-assessment includes an onsite interview with potential trainees to gauge aptitude and compatibility for our program. Total buy-in is essential to success. 

SkillUP Reimbuirsement

SkillUp (Cuyahoga county) workforce training program can reimburse your cost to train your workforce up to 100%. Learn More.


Employees work for you and train same day to keep production going

Training Schedule

Basic Electrical 4/29-5/10 Afternoon: 2p-5p
Evening: 6p-9p
Steering & Suspension 5/13-5/24 Afternoon: 2p-5p
Evening: 6p-9p
Brake Repair 5/27-6/7 Afternoon: 2p-5p
Evening: 6p-9p
General Service Efficiency 6/10-6/21 Afternoon: 2p-5p
Evening: 6p-9p

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