We live in a time of economic uncertainty. When we are in uncertain times, it's all too common for organizations to view learning and development as an unnecessary cost instead of a strategically important business investment. However, studies have proven time and time again that training not only increases the company’s bottom line but increases overall employee morale. 

Many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can equal thousands of dollars. Those costs can include but are not limited to: 

  • Lost productivity in the time it takes for a new employee to work at the same speed as a long-term employee.
  • Cost to onboard a new employee. This includes training and using company resources.
  • Employees who witness high turnover tend to disengage and can affect productivity, as well. Not to mention, high turnover can taint the culture.
  • Customer service skill building takes time. New employees may make mistakes as they learn and gain knowledge of company SOPS (stands operating procedures).

60% of graduates from automotive school leave the industry within
11 months. That staggering statistic highlights the need to retain employees. Investing in employee training and career development is one of the ways to retain employees and reduce the cost of turnover.

#1 Pair Willingness to Learn with a Good Culture Fit

An individual's willingness and ability to learn, become efficient, and prove a good culture fit is important to any organization. Candidates and employees who have room to grow take time to train and continue to build their skillset as they enhance the organization. According to Inc., hiring employees that don't mesh well with the existing or desired company culture can lead to poor work quality, decreased job satisfaction, and a potentially toxic environment. Find employees that share goals and values with the organization and train them. Matrix helps businesses see which employees want further training and where they would value it most so that the employee feels as if they are part of the process. This creates buy in, enhances ROI and reduces the risk for the employer who is investing in them.


#2 Invest in Continuing Education

If you want your auto mechanics, service advisors, and auto body technicians to know that they are valued, consider creating a budget for continued education and training. Not only is continued education proven to increase individuals’ confidence and their overall mental and physical health, but it also benefits your organization in both the short and long run. By investing in productivity based microcertifications like the matrix  efficiency boot camps for your employees, you add productivity, confidence and efficiency to the shop. This boot camp can increase production, grow your employees and improve retention by providing 30 hours of Hands-on Upskill Efficiency training over 4 days.

#3 Give Your Mechanics Training They Need to Grow

Everyone has the desire to grow and continue self-development. Investing in your employees with service advisor training, efficiency training for mechanics and auto body technicians gives your current employees the opportunity for accelerated growth with structure and support. This gives your employees the chance to reach their full potential and allows them to feel invested in the organization.

Not only will your employee’s quality of work improve, but you will likely be able to retain them as they understand and appreciate the company's investment in them. Nothing aids in recruiting more than retention. If your employees have a great story to tell about their organization then referrals are more likely to happen.

If your organization needs properly trained mechanics, service advisors, and auto body technicians then retention must be prioritized. Consider how utilizing a school like Matrix Trade Institute can improve retention, boost your bottom line, and foster and culture of growth and success within your organization,

Our Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps increase productivity and employee retention by helping employers provide a clear path to advancement with continued skill enhancement and efficiency training. Learn more about it here.