Studying from a textbook doesn’t work for all students. It’s not because they’re incompetent; it just means that other learning styles work best for them. Hands-on learners learn best by doing and have great muscle memory, which is a type of long-term memory that’s developed through repetitions.

Students who are hands-on learners are often successful in careers where they can use their senses, work with tools, and think on their feet. That’s why many hands-on learners find jobs as auto mechanics to be a natural fit and a rewarding career path.

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Hands-On Efficiency Training

Textbook learning isn’t for everyone, especially for today’s auto mechanic students who would rather work with their hands and interact with technology than study a book. To benefit hands-on learners, students at Matrix Trade Institute use game-based learning technology to virtually perform repair tasks, then head over to complete hands-on repetitions in our shop.

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