You might think a mechanical upbringing or growing up fixing things in someone’s garage may be necessary requirements to embarking on a successful career as an automotive technician. However, that is not the case. In fact, for men and women alike who possess the following skills, a career as an automotive mechanic or mechanic is easily attainable and offers unbeatable job security, excellent income and huge advancement potential. Here are the professional soft skills needed for a successful career in auto mechanics.



To enjoy fixing things like HVAC systems and engine brakes, you first need to have a natural curiosity as to how they work or how they could work better. If you find yourself wondering how something works, you’re already on the path toward learning how to repair it if or when it breaks down. Automotive technology is constantly evolving and changing, especially in today’s era of instant information. If you let your natural curiosity guide your growth and advancement, you’ll always enjoy what you do.



Are you one of those people who refuses to give up no matter how hard it might be? This trait is key when it comes to being a good auto mechanic and can also be the difference when it comes to sticking with a job and getting it done right. So, don’t fight your stubbornness; channel it to make money. After all, it’s you versus the vehicle. With the proper training, support and the occasional deep breath, perseverance will find a way.



Auto mechanics have hundreds of tools, and it’s important they know right where they are. Time equals money, so it’s inefficient for a mechanic to waste time and money trying to find the right tools and parts. Don’t worry if you aren’t naturally the most organized person in the world. With the proper training, you’ll learn how to better organize yourself and become more efficient.



Technology is always changing—and fast. Another more efficient way to build or fix something is always right around the corner. As a mechanic, you’re always looking for the fastest, most efficient way to do the job right. If you’re willing to watch, listen to or seek out someone else’s ideas on how to improve your skills, you’ll fit right in as an entry-level auto mechanic or master mechanic.



For those who enjoy the social aspect of teamwork and working in a group environment, a career in the automotive industry can be very satisfying. There are always other mechanics, support staff, management and an unlimited number of customers who love to talk about their vehicles. However, teamwork doesn’t necessarily have to be mean you’re the most outgoing person in the room. It’s OK to be the quiet type who likes to keep his or her head down and just get to work. Teamwork is about honesty and caring about doing the job right. It can be as simple as respecting your space and the space of others.

Simply put, in order to appreciate and contribute to good teamwork, you don’t have to be the vocal quarterback if that’s not your personality. Just doing your part and taking pride in your work is essential to great teamwork and creating a positive working environment. Being able to show that you’re a team player will work to your advantage when it comes time to find a job. When hiring auto mechanics, employers want to make sure you’ll be a good fit for the shop.


Is an Auto Mechanic Job Right for You?

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