Montrose Chevy GMC Ashtabula’s Service Advisor Dallas Combs was eager to start on the right path. What he wanted was to better understand technicians and really be able to target the needs of his customers and help educate them.  


Strong Career Path 

Like many other service advisors, Combs lacked the technical understanding and confidence to overcome certain objections, feel like he was growing, and move forward in his career. 


By learning to understand repair orders through the perspective of mechanics, in addition to learning better information gathering, understanding vehicle symptoms and causes, the importance of proper documentation, scheduling, and more- he got exactly the service advisor training to feel he was on the right career path with the right organization. 


“The opportunity to learn the technical aspect and test new skills with live role-playing, along with better talking points with technicians is why I’m now confident that I will be able to perform at a higher level,” explained Combs. 


Technical Understanding and Live Role Playing 

Lack of technical knowledge and ability to understand techs in order to truly educate customers is generally lacking in Service Advisor training. This is one of the most common reasons advisors leave the industry, second only to the feeling management doesn’t care about or have the time to prioritize furthering their career. 


Combs attended Matrix Trade Institute’s live, 4-day, 30-hour Service Advisor training bootcamp, and thrived in the simulated shop environment, where real RO’s, DMS interface, and technician communication are used throughout. Mistakes are safe and expected, and repeated role-playing leads to a better understanding of the proper processes and procedures required to assist and educate customers. Matrix’s technical spin with real-world obstacles and objections is leading the way with a modern approach to help businesses retain and grow service advisors. 


“I learned so much from this service advisor training. I can’t thank my manager enough. I know other service advisors, auto body techs, and mechanics, and I can’t wait to tell them about this type of training. It’s awesome,” Combs said. 


Impactful Results 

Matrix has trained over 500 advisors to date and consistently produces an average increase of at least two-tenths of an hour per repair order. That is math that adds up quickly, and the communication and overall efficiency gains contribute to shop culture vital to employee satisfaction, performance, retention, and everyone’s bottom line.  


“It has all been positive feedback so far. We have really enjoyed what we have gotten back.” Randy Dorco, Fixed Ops Director Montrose Auto Group. 


About the Matrix Trade Institute: 

The Matrix Trade Institute, based in Beachwood, Ohio, is an OSBCC-approved career college and a specialized school for Automotive Mechanics and Collision Repair Technicians. MTI’s accelerated 20-week, 80% hands-on approach and efficiency training model is designed to create productive entry-level mechanics and technicians who have the skills that employer demand. MTI’s blend of modern technology, hands-on training, and operation repetitions ensure confidence and efficiencies that are critical to success and growth with employers. 

MTI also serves industry employers with its innovative Upskill Efficiency Bootcamps that provide existing mechanics, technicians, and service advisors with next-level training to build and improve production-based skills and efficiency techniques to become more productive and grow. MTI’s Efficiency Bootcamps are paid for by employers who want to provide a faster, more complete career path. This effective training and retention model gives employers that want to revitalize current techs, retain their services, and help them grow into highly productive mechanics, collision technicians, and service advisors for the mutual benefit of the employee and the organization that benefits from their loyalty and increased production.