More vehicles and a widening skills gap are driving huge demand for auto mechanic jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanic jobs are expected to increase by 6% through 2026. If you’re a hands-on learner who loves working with cars, then a career as an auto mechanic may be right for you.

Learn how you can become an auto mechanic and how long it really takes to jump start your career.


How to Become an Auto Mechanic

The path to become an auto mechanic varies, as you have many different auto mechanic schools to choose from. Some community colleges and trade school programs can take as long as two years to complete. These bloated programs focus on areas that aren’t relevant to an auto mechanic's career and waste time that could be spent making money.

When you want to work with cars in a hands-on environment, a general education course in History or a five-page research paper will only get in the way of achieving your goals. Instead, auto mechanics should seek targeted programs like Matrix Trade Institute’s (MTI) Automotive Mechanic Efficiency program that remove all of the distractions and teach you exactly what you need to know.

MTI offers the fastest auto mechanic program in Northeast Ohio, making the program the right choice for auto mechanics seeking fast, affordable and local education. With consolidated, 20-week program, MTI focuses only on the necessary auto mechanic courses needed for a successful career. MTI’s unique approach teaches students the necessary entry-level skills required to be both effective and efficient immediately upon entering the workforce to maximize income potential and opportunity for employment advancement. Whether prospective students are choosing an initial career path or transitioning careers, MTI will provide the necessary tools, skills and attitude to help students forge their own futures and achieve immediate and lasting success.


Admission Requirements

Ready to start your path to an auto mechanic career? MTI requires students to have a high school diploma or GED. Interested students may complete our online application and basic mechanical aptitude test featuring our game-style learning software to see if MTI is right for you.

One of our admission representatives will also conduct a personal interview, as MTI is a selective program. Applicants will be chosen based on evaluation of their ability to successfully complete the program.


Go from Learning to Earning in 20 Weeks

MTI is designed to teach the next generation of auto mechanics to be as efficient as the vehicles they’ll maintain and repair. If you want fast, affordable and local education, then MTI is the auto tech school for you. Contact Matrix Trade Institute today to schedule a tour and learn more.