Tired of sitting through lectures and reading boring textbooks? Textbook learning isn’t for everyone, especially for today’s automotive mechanic students who would rather work with their hands and interact with technology than study a book. This is how hands-on learning methods, such as game-based learning technology, can benefit automotive mechanics.


Why Hands-On Learning Works

Hands-on learning methods engage students who need interaction and engagement to learn best and make connections between the classroom and the real world. It drives a more authentic understanding and application of materials, as opposed to memorizing words from a book.

Game-based learning technology offers a hands-on approach to education. Similar to video games played with friends for fun, interactive video game learning simulations give students virtual experience performing tasks they’d typically do on the job and help them develop their visual and kinesthetic skills.


Electude Game-Based Learning for Auto mechanics

To benefit hands-on learners, Matrix Trade Institute (MTI) replaced the outdated textbook learning model and opted for a game-based learning approach. At MTI, students use Google Chromebooks and a NATEF/ASE-approved interactive learning software called Electude, the world’s leading automotive e-learning solution.

MTI students utilize applications like Electude’s Engine Management Simulator to practice their diagnostic skills. In the simulations, students virtually perform repair tasks prior to doing the real thing in the shop.

By replacing outdated textbook learning, MTI has found that the software is much more engaging for students who are better hands-on learners and enjoy app-based video gaming technology.


Unmatched Automotive Mechanics/Mechanic Education

Most trade schools utilize cumbersome textbooks and focus on areas that aren’t relevant to an entry-level automotive mechanic's responsibilities with an employer. MTI’s 20-week accelerated efficiency training program doesn’t waste students’ time and money. Understanding that the old education model needed to be disrupted, MTI utilizes the 30 years of combined experience to prepare students to be effective and efficient on the job from day one. We focus on what employers look for when hiring auto mechanics, such as efficiency training, real life applications, hands-on repetitions and experience and critical soft skills. Our program is entirely geared toward employment and a career path putting students on the fast track to go from learning to earning in the fastest, most efficiency way possible.


See How Fun Learning Can Be

Learn how Matrix Trade Institute provides the hands-on training and support needed to pursue a rewarding career as an auto mechanic and more. Take our aptitude test to experience our video game learning software first hand and see if you have what it takes to enter the field with endless job opportunities and security.