Women looking for job security and good pay should consider pursuing a career as an auto mechanic. Now more than ever, there are good job opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated industries, including automotive repair. Perhaps that’s why there’s an increasing number of female mechanics entering the field. In the last five years, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) found that about 1 in 5 persons entering the auto technician field are women. Here are a few reasons why more women should consider a career as an auto mechanic.

Smaller Build

In terms of size, women are generally smaller than men, making it easier for them to get into hard-to-reach places. This also can make women more efficient, which translates into a higher paycheck.

For example, if a large man is working on a repair behind the dash, he has to remove the entire dash in order for his hands to fit in there, costing time and money. Women, on the other hand, generally have smaller hands, allowing them to efficiently make the repair without having to take the time to remove the dash first.

Soft Skills

Many women have the soft skills that make for successful auto technicians, especially when it comes to customer service. Many find that female mechanics can help make customers feel more at ease. In a The Mechanic Doctor article, Jill Trotta, a 25-year veteran in auto mechanics, said, “I think that when people see a female working on their car or helping them make decisions about their car repair that there is an automatic level of trust that happens there that doesn’t happen if they see your typical male in that role.” Employers know that a greater profit can be made when customers feel reassured.

Hands-On Learners

Hands-on learning methods, like game-based learning technology, drives a more authentic understanding and application of materials, as opposed to memorizing words from a book. Perhaps that’s why 1 in 3 women prefer hands-on learning, compared to textbook learning, according to a study by researchers at Michigan State University.

Hands-on learning extends beyond the classroom, as these methods help students make better connections with jobs in the real world. Rather than sit at a desk, auto mechanic jobs offer the hands-on physical activity needed for these types of learners to stay engaged day in and day out.

Endless Job Opportunities

For both men and women, jobs in the automotive technician field are in huge demand. With about 268.8 million vehicles on the road in the U.S. (a number that is projected to reach the 2 billion mark by 2040), auto maintenance and repair is needed more than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of auto technician jobs is projected to grow by 6 percent through 2026.

For women, specifically, employers recognize the above advantages of female mechanics and are actively seeking them out. According to Forbes, women make up the majority of the driving population and account for 80 percent of car-buying decisions. To better cater to their customer base, auto repair shops and dealerships need to hire more female mechanics.

Start Your Career

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