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5 Reasons Why Matrix Trade Institute is the Right Automotive Technician Training School for You

Matrix Trade Institute offers fast, affordable and local education for aspiring automotive technicians looking to enter and advance their career. See why we’re the right school for you.

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Auto Technicians Have the Potential to Make a Lot of Money

How much does an auto technician make? This good-paying job offers high earning potential, starting with education and a dedication to efficiency.

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Choose the Right Path: A Career as an Automotive Technician

College isn't for everybody. Learn how Matrix Trade Institute's 20-week auto technician efficiency training provides a better alternative to college, so you can go from learning to earning and have job security for life.

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Advance Your Career as an Auto Tech

Well trained auto technicians can earn over six figures. How? Work ethic, efficiency, professional soft skills and attitude are the ingredients for making the big bucks.

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Automotive Technicians Are an In-Demand Job

With a growing skills gap, auto technicians are needed nationwide. Matrix Trade Institute offers a quick solution to help auto technicians find jobs with top companies hiring.

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